Nov 23, 2015

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Top Foods that Harm your Teeth


Hard candies: Most people think candies are harmless and consume as they like. However, when you eat too much of them, your teeth will be exposed to sugar and gets damaged. Hard candies keep the teeth at risk. It contains a lot of sugar and trigger dental issues like a chipped tooth or broken tooth. What is the alternative for hard candies? It is best to chew sugarless gum. It comes with the ADA seal.


Ice: It is meant not for chewing. It is best only for chilling. Several people have a belief that ice does not harm their teeth. Remember, ice is made using water. It does not contain additives or sugar. When you chew on hard substances, the teeth become susceptible to enamel damage and dental emergency. Advice: Leave the habit and start to consume water in natural form.

Citrus intake: When your tooth is frequently exposed to citrus or acidic foods, it can damage enamel. Moreover, it makes the teeth vulnerable to decay in some time. Do you have the habit of squeezing lime or lemon in a glass of fresh water and turn into a beverage? Well, it is not always the right choice. Citrus juices and fruits have chances to disturb the mouth sores. Just drink enough plain water to safeguard your teeth.

Coffee: Coffee and tea is a healthy beverage option when taken in natural form. Unfortunately, the majority of people fail to consume in a natural way and tend to add sugar. Tea and caffeinated coffee dry the mouth. Moreover, when you consume tea and coffee on a frequent basis, it has chances to stain the teeth. Some people will find hard to leave the coffee or tea drinking habit. In such scenario, they can drink enough water and reduce the add-ons drastically.

Sticky foods: When you need to pick healthy snacks, ensure to choose non-sticky foods. Some dried fruits remain sticky and cause severe damage to teeth. It sticks to the teeth for a long time and results in various damages. After eating dried fruits, ensure to brush your teeth or use mouthwash. If possible, try to floss carefully.

Ensure to visit your dentists twice in a year. If you experience a toothache or severe sensitivity, check with your dentist for an immediate solution. Nowadays, dental clinic and hospital recruit locum tenens dentist to provide uninterrupted care and treatment for the patients. If you meet a new dentist in your local hospital, do not feel uneasy. They will provide the same quality of treatment as provided early.

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