Nov 15, 2015

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Best Foods To Improve Your Oral Health


Improving your oral health through dentistry is very important as it is a part of your overall health routine. In fact, total health and oral health are connected as the mouth is a vital part of the whole system. It is very important to understand how the food affects the dental health, especially gums and teeth. Besides being a fuel that the supplies nutrition to the body, food also nurtures and heals the body. Eventually, the food that you eat has an effect on your wellbeing and health. The right food will protect your body as well as teeth and gums from bacteria and inflammation.

You need to avoid those foods that contain artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, food coloring, refined flour, refined sugar and partially hydrogenated oils. Such ingredients add more acidic content in the body that will increase the bacteria and inflammation. On the other hand, foods such as whole grains, lean meats, legumes, seeds, nuts and fresh produce will defend against the bacteria and inflammation, as these are alkaline. Even the dentists love alkaline foods as much as they love seeing a dental practice for sale signboard!  

Here is a list of some super foods that will be great for the oral health. These are highly beneficial to your mouth.

Kiwi: Most fruits comprise Vitamin C that is essential for the health of the gum tissues. Of these, kiwis have the highest amount of Vitamin C. Without this nutrient, the gums will break down, become tender and highly susceptible to the periodontal disease.

Cheese: Cheese is rich in calcium and phosphate. It helps to balance the pH of mouth, kills the bacteria and preserves the tooth enamel. Eventually, the gum disease and cavities will be prevented.

Celery: It is a crunchy vegetable that contains a lot of water content. Chewing celery will produce more saliva, and neutralizes the Streptococcus mutans that result in cavities. It is an abrasive food that will massage the gums as well as clean between the teeth.


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Green tea: This beverage has been enjoyed for many centuries in the Asian countries. It contains catechins that are responsible for killing the bacteria that cause plaque, preventing the cavities and gum diseases and inhibiting the bacteria growth resulting in bad breath.

Onions: Onions contain powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds that make them great or the oral health. The onions are the strongest when they are consumed uncooked and fresh.

The other such food items that are good for the oral health include raisins, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes and water.

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